Tuition and Fees

A one-time registration fee of $50 is required with your application to reserve and ensure your space in the program. Registration fees are non-refundable, except in cases where applicants are denied admission by the school.


 Full time: $1000/month | 40-60 hours per week

Part time: $700/month | 20-39 hours per week

Low Income enrollment: $700/month (Available for full time only)

Monthly tuition payments are due on the first business day of each month. If the balance is not paid in full by the first business day, a late fee of 10% of the balance will be assessed. The child will no longer be able to attend after the fifth business day until the balance is paid in full.

*Please note tuition payments are fixed payments and must be paid monthly without deductions for holidays, vacations, tardiness or absences due to illness or injury.
Payments are to be made through cash or money order only. Personal checks will not be accepted.

Pro-rating will only be allowed for families entering or exiting our program. Totals will be calculated by days of enrollment.

A two-week notice is required for withdrawals for any reason. Failure to provide a two-week notice will result in the forfeit of any pro-rated refunds.

Pro-rated Refunds:
In cases where student are withdrawn from our program after tuition is paid, families will receive a pro-rated refund for the days of non-enrollment.

Crystal Stairs:
Growing Prodigies partners with Crystal Stairs to provide financial assistance to families in need. Families using Crystal Stairs are responsible for fulfilling all requirements of the program. Failure to comply with program guidelines will result in unpaid balances to the daycare center, which will then become the family’s responsibility.

Welcome to Growing Prodigies Family Daycare!!!

​Welcome to Growing Prodigies Family Daycare!!!

​​LIC # 197492811

​​Admissions Procedure

1. Intake Interview with entire family
2. Complete and Submit paperwork
         State Forms
         Identification and Emergency Information
         Parent’s Report
         Physician’s Report
         Consent for Emergency Medical Treatment
         Parent’s Rights
         Personal Rights
3. Submit Paperwork along with…
         Immunization records
         Birth Certificate*
         Statement & Release Form
4. Pay Registration and Tuition Fees
                                      Submit Crystal Stairs Contract