​​LIC # 197492811

Growing Prodigies is licensed as a small family daycare center and maintains a strict 4:1 student ratio. Although this is a small family daycare center, it is structured as a private early education preparatory academy. 

Food is provided daily. Provided meals include breakfast, lunch, and an afternoon snack. At Growing Prodigies we believe proper nutrition is essential to growth and success, therefore, we strive to provide our students with healthy nutrition rich meal options.


Academic Curriculum

Music-Based Learning Model

Here at Growing Prodigies we believe in the power of music to teach, stimulate growth, and encourage confidence and individuality. Music’s unique ability to stimulate rapid memorization and facilitate strong emotional attachment can be used to help children learn many important lessons.

Here at Growing Prodigies we utilize music to help explain and define many of life’s most important concepts. From the academics of math concepts and language, to life lessons on sharing and building strong relationships, music helps us communicate to the spirit of a child in a way no other medium can.

Creation Station
Each day at the creation station we study different subjects and themes. During this table time, students will conduct science experiments, practice writing alphabets and numbers, learn various number concepts, as well as explore lessons on history, astronomy, anatomy and more. These arts and craft theme-based modules range from projects in which we may build a cell model to discuss the function of our cells, to solar system models that will help us understand planetary orbits.

Creative Play
During creative play we seek to truly understand each child’s unique inner prodigy. Our strategy is to follow the child’s lead, only intervening as the role of a humble guide. Children are free to play with our variety of learning tools and encouraged to dive as deep into the subject as their hearts desire. Structured creative play activities consist of workshops in instrument, dance, puppet shows, and more.